Yaksha is a software that can be used by professionals and students for generating primary data.

Yaksha makes it simple and economical for people to generate primary data in a digital form. Henceforth, people don’t have to invest in developing or customizing, software to help them in generating primary data. They just need to use Yaksha.


The primary data could be generated for research, during a business activity, for monitoring, or as a proof of transaction

The users of Yaksha are not limited to specific professions or subjects. They don’t have to be engineers, and they needn’t be trained on software development. Yaksha is designed for people from any profession to independently generate primary data, be it for research, business, administration, or policymaking.

Yaksha is much more than a mere survey tool.

Yaksha supports rigorous scientific experiments and business activities. Among other things, it supports users in generating data from replicated trials, from events whose occurrences cannot be predicted, from long-term experiments, etc. It also suits people interested in documenting resources, be it books in libraries, or specimens in museums, or dresses in almirahs. It can even serve as an extension tool for disseminating knowledge to specific end-users.

Just six simple steps to get started!

Users can easily create Data Fields and Forms and organize them into various kinds of Knowledge Lines to suit their objectives. They can publish the Knowledge Lines on specific smart devices deployed for generating primary data. In the end, they can download the submitted data as easy-to-assimilate reports in almost real-time.

Create Fields

Creating Fields is simple and intuitive. There are 25(+) options to pick from. They can be reused; they can be tracked

Add to Forms

Just ‘drag and drop’ Fields into Forms. The Form Builder allows us to configure conditions and calculations among many other things.

Structure Forms into
Knowledge Lines

Forms can be quickly stitched together to create almost any kind of sequence or Knowledge Line.

Publish on

Just a few clicks and Knowledge Lines can be published on target smartphones.

Collect data on

The screens are simple and uncluttered. They are organized to facilitate data collection from all types of Knowledge Lines.

Access data as

Data that reach the server can be filtered using a variety of options. Such data can be viewed and downloaded in real-time.

A user can generate data from several concurrent activities

A user can be involved in multiple activities, and the same set of activities is not expected to be performed by every user working in a team, let alone an organization. Yaksha makes it possible to generate data from multiple, concurrent, and user-specific activities.

Yaksha makes it simple to collaborate, be it for research or business

Yaksha allows the integration of specific activities of a user associated with multiple organizations. This allows organizations to collaborate/partner with each other, and to share relevant data in almost real-time.

Yaksha is reliable, and it saves your time

With Yaksha, users will never need to disclose the nature of data they are generating. Hence, they don’t have to fear copying and other forms of misuse. From creating fields to downloading reports, users can work independently. It saves them a lot of time.

With Yaksha in it, there will be a “Server in your Smartphone”

The Yaksha App comes with several novel concepts. It takes, what is conventionally called “offline,” to a totally different level. Here, smartphones ‘take decisions’ without contacting servers. Further, the screens are organised in a unique, hierarchical manner, which makes the app capable of handling any subject. Interestingly, a user associated with multiple activities, even across organisations, can generate data from one app on the smartphone.


Our R&D team uses Yaksha to evaluate hundreds of vegetable genotypes. Breeders use Yaksha to record their observations. Our product development and marketing teams use Yaksha for different activities. The warehouse and despatch teams also use Yaksha. Yaksha is like a whiteboard. We write whatever we want, whenever we want.

Dr. B. K. Tripathi

Director, Bhalsar Seeds

Yaksha is a versatile and flexible data acquisition system for researchers offering a wide range of options for creating data forms and knowledge lines for recording primary data from experiments in any discipline or field. It will be a game-changer in the way primary experimental data is recorded and archived by individuals, labs, and institutions and enhance the efficiency of data management by several folds

Dr. K. Chandrashekara

Professor, Insect Biology

I used to have a tough time managing the cultivation of crops in poly houses located around Bangalore and Hyderabad. But, with Yaksha, I now manage all that from wherever I am. Not only can I provide precise instructions to people in the field, but I can also access data on specific activities. Yaksha is so simple that a professional agriculturist like me can use it independently.

Mr. Ashok Kumar

Agri Consultant, Protected Cultivation

Data becomes immensely powerful when it acquires a digital form. And, it is here that Yaksha is a potential game-changer.