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Everybody interested in generating primary data can use Yaksha. Yaksha will be of great use to researchers, businessmen, administrators, and policymakers for whom primary data is crucial. Yaksha can also be used to disseminate knowledge, which would immensely benefit sectors like agriculture.

Yaksha has several USPs. It is an integrated two-way system for ‘generating data’ and ‘delivering knowledge’. There are 25 different options to choose from to create ‘data fields’. The ‘form builder’ enables the user to set up calculations and conditionals among many other things. The user can choose from a variety of ‘knowledge lines’ and ‘tasks’ to set up the desired data-generation protocol. The Yaksha mobile app can ‘take’ decisions and ‘execute’ tasks without ‘asking’ the server. Just one app suits every kind of requirement.

Potential users need to subscribe to Yaksha licenses. Users have five business models to select from. The selection of a model would depend on the number of licenses that the potential user requires. Please contact biz@go2yaksha.com for details.

No, Yaksha is designed so that a student or a professional from any background can use it independently.

A complete set of videos shall be made available on YouTube shortly. These videos shall walk the user through Yaksha. The links to these videos shall be available on go2yaksha.com/videos. Users can also email us (ask@go2yaksha.com) for Technical Support. An organization that requires on-site/online training can contact us.

Normally, it takes about 4 hours of practice to start using Yaksha independently.

Data can be in the form of text, number, or media. There are 25 different options to set up data collection fields, and each field can be further tuned to suit the requirement. Therefore, one can practically generate any kind of primary data with Yaksha

The data that reaches the server can be exported as .csv files. There are multiple, intuitive options available to filter data before exporting. A user can access data according to the role that is defined in each project.

Yaksha is Cloud-hosted, and the standard security features that come along are implemented. As the users themselves create and organise the fields, projects, and knowledge lines, there is no question of anyone else being able to view, or make any sense of, the data. Further, there are no data-tracking, or data-sensing, tools in Yaksha, which makes the users’ data completely private and secure.

No, the company clearly states that all rights regarding user information and primary data shall belong to the Licence-holders only. The company shall not claim any rights to such information or data whatsoever.

Presently, Yaksha supports smartphones and Tabs with Android OS. Android v6.0+ with 4 GB RAM should work well. Yaksha will also work in Android v5.0 with 2 GB RAM although we do not recommend it.

No, there are no predesigned templates in Yaksha.

Yes, Yaksha is a Cloud-hosted solution available to users in the SaaS Model. Please contact biz@go2yaksha.com for details.

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Data becomes immensely powerful when it acquires a digital form. And, it is here that Yaksha is a potential game-changer.