Client Stories


Production management

A client who produces vegetables in various parts of India and exports the fresh produce was faced with several challenges like inaccurate projection of arrivals, inefficient monitoring of field activities and inability to support farmers with the required knowledge, which impacted business significantly. After trying out several custom-developed software systems, they turned to Yaksha. Today, they are able to address all the prominent challenges they faced earlier. They also manage Yaksha by themselves.


Marketing management

The marketing team of an Agri input company regularly meets dealers and distributors to promote products, collect orders, and record the stock position. Managing the team that is active in different parts of India was a herculean task to the company, especially during the critical sowing periods. With Yaksha, the company has built a simple system to manage activities and monitor people. In addition, they are using Yaksha to provide timely advisories to farmers regarding crop production



A not-for-profit organization that believes in organic approaches to farming uses Yaksha for various purposes. They advise farmers regarding crop production practices to be followed, they generate data on the crop situations, they share data with their donor organizations, etc., using Yaksha. They feel that Yaksha helps them in convincing the donors and networking with the farmers and the supply chain. They are also able to advise farmers based on weather and pest predictions.


Trials / Evaluations

An R&D-based seed company uses Yaksha to meet a variety of requirements, including the evaluation of hundreds of plant genotypes. Each plant might behave uniquely, and observations vary across the age of a plant. Such trials are simultaneously taken up in multiple locations across the country, and, with Yaksha, the company ensures that the methodology is consistent and the observations are comparable. Yaksha’s unique ‘floating tasks’ enables them to handle the situation with ease.


Business Support

A startup that has developed a software product was looking to manage its support services. While they needed to reduce their costs, they found that tailored solutions in the market were mostly expensive and lacked flexibility. Contrarily, Yaksha gave them the liberty of setting up things the way they wanted to, and to modify things as per the changing situations; they needed no additional skill set to manage Yaksha. Further, Yaksha could be used by their marketing and R&D teams too.


Academic Research

A laboratory aiming to understand the life of insects uses Yaksha. Several developmental, reproductive and population characteristics of insects are studied here. Master’s and Doctoral students configure the data fields for different experiments and set up the frequencies at which observations should be recorded. Yaksha also gives them the flexibility to modify data fields in the middle of a running experiment. With Yaksha, the Lab is able to safely archive all the raw data.

Data becomes immensely powerful when it acquires a digital form. And, it is here that Yaksha is a potential game-changer.